Episode 13: Writing and Balance

In Episode 13 of Yoga for Writing, Writing and Balance, we examine the yoga sutra, sthira-sukham asanam, or residing with steadfastness and ease. How can writers consider this sutra in order to help us find more balance in our practice? How can writers emulate the well-loved gentle giant to our benefit? How can we bring more commitment, as well as, less stress to our writing process?

Episode 12: Writing and Letting Go- part 3

In Episode 12 of Yoga For Writing: a podcast for miserable writers, we once again examine the yogic yama of Aparigraha. This time, we look at how writing can be a therapeutic source for anyone and everyone. The act of putting pen to paper allows us to unleash emotions and ideas that are hidden from us in our subconscious. Learn how writing can foster positive change in your life via the act of letting go.

Episode 11: Writing and Letting Go- part 2

In Episode 11 of Writing for Yoga, we will further examine the yogic yama of Aparigraha or non-covetousness, non-grasping. This time, we will discuss how it applies to our writing and the importance of being able to let go in our writing¬†process to allow us to follow our passion. Also, we’ll learn how grasping can hurt our writing and how we can use Aparigraha to be better editors and create the best work possible.¬†

Episode 10: Writing and Letting Go

In Episode 10 or Yoga for Writing: a podcast for miserable writers, we discuss the yogic yama of Aparigraha or non-grasping and the ways in which attachment can make writers miserable. By attaching too strongly to our identity as a writer, we place too much burden on the role writing plays in our lives. In the same way, by attaching to outcomes or a self-imposed goal that will signify success, we are never satisfied. Learn how non-attachment can help to make our writing life more gratifying.

Podcast on Hiatus

Yoga for Writing podcast is taking a break until July, while I’m practicing yoga and writing on a beach in the Aegean Sea. Sorry for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, if you like this podcast, please leave a review on iTunes.

Namaste. Ciao.

Episode 9: Writing and Breath

In Episode 9 of Yoga for Writing, we examine how breath or the act of breathing plays a role in our writing practice. Are you a fast or slow writer? Is your breath stifled or quick while you’re writing? How can altering the quality of your breath alter your writing? Examining the way breath connects mind and body, we try our hand at breathing exercises and experiment with pranayma.

Episode 8: Writing and Addiction

In Episode 8 of Yoga for Writing, we discuss the yogic philosophy of Bramacharya. Writers have done a lot historically to glorify drug and alcohol addiction, but at what cost? The stereotype of the romantic drunk author pounding away at his keyboard in Key West has created the false idea that we can call upon the muse with the use of mind-altering substances. The yogic yama, Bramacharya, asks for moderation in all things. Miserable writers may want to consider what kind of activities they are over-indulging in and how they might be stealing from their creativity.

Episode 7: Writing as Practice

What is the difference between using the term “writing process” and “writing practice”? In yoga, we commonly use the term practice to describe all the ways in which yoga enters into our lives. Yet, in writing, the term practice is relegated to grade school homework. Using this one simple word can make all the difference in the way we perceive our daily writing life. Find out why in Episode 7 of Writing for Yoga.

Episode 6: Writing and Stealing

In Episode 6 of Yoga for Writing: a podcast for miserable writers, I look at how the yama, or restraint, of Asteya, which translates to non-stealing, relates to the writing life. I’m not talking about plagiarism either. Sometimes, following our dream, or the deep desire to achieve something, can make us unhappy unless we recognize that we can’t steal our dream from ourselves or anyone else. What the heck am I talking about? Listen to Episode 6 to find out. Also, if you like it, please leave a review on iTunes; this leads other people to this podcast who might find it useful.

Episode 5: Being in the Moment

In Episode 5 of Yoga for Writing I discuss what I mean by “being in the moment.” It’s a phrase that is often tossed around in yoga and spiritual communities, but what does it actually mean? And what the heck does it have to do with writing? More so, how can it help us be less miserable in our writing life?